Selmer MK VI 96xxx Original US dark lac/engraved (sold)

Here we have a very nice example of the mid 90k MK VI, original dark US Lac and engraving.  These horns tend to retain the vintage organic sound from the 80k period with a bit more focus less boomy spread. They tend to project the center just a little bit more. Of course there is much variation, but that is the trend.

This one is all original finish, very pretty dark color and engraving.  The neck is original sharing the same number and never had any pulldown, a couple of minor surface blemishes only, and it’s a very good playing neck, suiting this horn very well.  The pads are mostly old originals, with a few replacements.  It is playing ok at the moment, easily displaying it’s sonic character, but in the long run I suggest an overhaul.

The horn has been played, has some normal minor wear and some blemishes, one minor bump on a post, normal stuff for an old horn like this but nothing particularly serious.  This will clean up very nicely and already is a lot of fun to play with a wonderful energetic and complex sound.  It is not cosmetically perfect but also not been treated badly at all.  These old Selmers are just getting very hard to come by now and we can see the demand and prices jumping.  This is one of the cleaner examples of what can be found out there now.