Selmer MK VI 88xxx Original US Laq LOW A Rarity!

Super rare and desired 1960 MK VI Low A baritone, 88xxx – magic numbers!  This horn is original and amazing.  Pro owned, pads still have some life but old.  Being as baritones are this has normal bumps and bruises around the bow but but most of this will smooth out in the hands of a skilled technician as they are normal and non-critical. I have just cleaned up a bit of amateur solder on the low Eb guard feet (seen in last photos,) again non-critical issue but leaves some cosmetic evidence; it is nice and smooth and sturdy there and the patina will come in time.

Original serialed neck included in very good shape.  original US engraving, this horn just has a wonderful feel in the hands.  New arrival I’ve just played it, and I am not a great Bari player, but what would one expect from an 88k low a original US Bari?  -amazingness of course!  These are VERY hard to find.

Includes a very excellent SKB travel case with wheels, super convenient.