Selmer MK VI 86xxx Professional Powerhouse Tenor Saxophone

This here is a MK VI tenor given to me by a good friend to sell.  He is a professional musician in the NY area and has had this tenor for many years.  86xxx is of course the magically desired number for being associated with Michael Brecker, but also just for being a truly great design period for Selmer.  This example does not disappoint at-all. The tone, well you will hear on the video, but it has a lot of power yet plenty of warmth and organic quality to the sound.  It has all of the depth we want from a 5-digit Selmer and all of the power we want in an 80k MK VI.  The play is very smooth throughout the range and the voice all over the horn has a lot of presence and color.

I could just keep writing about what a great sound it has and etc etc but it really had to be experienced.  The pads are not new but in very good shape.  It could use a bit of regulation for noise and smoothness of action, and probably a going over for minor adjustments etc.

This horn is original lacquer, and it is is a player’s horn, not for the collector or museum (unless you want to collect great playing horns).  It has it’s share of old dents/dings and some solder repairs.  The serial numbers match on body, neck and bell.  I don’t know the history of this horn before my friend got it some years ago. The lacquer is absolutely original lacquer.  My friend had the neck silver plated for preservation some years back, some of that is wearing off at this point.  This horn plays exactly as the very best 80k horns should and will likely put many of them to shame.

It is a great purchase for someone looking for a world class tone amplifier at an easier price.  For a player this is one not to miss.


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