Selmer MK VI 236xxx Original Player

Selmer MK VI M236xxx late model in original lacquer and US engraving.  The pads are in good condition and currently playing well.  It’s been tuned up.  It is generally very shiny and in nice condition yet also has lived a bit with normal dings that have been addressed.

I’ve played it and it has a wonderful vibe, somewhat on the focused side for range of the MK VI but probably standard for this serial range.  The sound is expectedly a bit more modern than earlier ones.  Although this horn is very present and live it is not exceptionally bright.  It is still very colorful and balanced and I dare say a bit more user friendly than some earlier models.

This is a very good option for someone looking to get in on the vintage MK VI vibe at a more affordable price.  Vintage Ray Hyman “Sax-Pak” case included.