Selmer MK VI 110xxx Beautiful original player (pending)

Wonderful rare 110xxx MK VI soprano, this is getting very close to the 99xxx mark of Coltrane’s soprano and is the same design point; having the earlier bore of the late 5 digits yet with the articulated c# regulator (a double “donut” pad assembly) that was prototyped in the mid 80xxx but did not come into production until the 90xxx period.

The condition of this horn is excellent, all original lacquer (a few very minor blemishes) and original pads and resonators with the exception of maybe 2. It plays quite well, but given that most of the pads have lacquer on them from 1962 I would suggest it will be better with an overhaul eventually.  It is just not in dire need.

The sound is focused, buzzy as these are, rich and quite loud with a vocal quality.  This has a ‘something’ that definitely disappears by the mid-100-teen numbers.  It is near impossible to find this serial number and design these days, and it is preferred by a set of folks who know.  I kept this one for years, and may yet keep it, but for the moment here it is for the ambitious!