Selmer 1960 MK VI 86xxx Original Great condition

This is of course the most desirable MK VI in the world based on model period.  These always play great in my experience.  This is of course the “magic” (Brecker) serial number and it does not disappoint at all.  When I got this I could only play a few notes on it as pads were falling out.  Based on the promise of the few notes I could hit I opted to overhaul it.  It has wonderful new (slightly hard) pads and oversized nickel plated resonators with a springy setup that requires no pressure to seal.  The keys all vibrate in the hand and it responds very fast.  All toneholes leveled and all keys fitted and regulated.  The overhaul and setup are excellent and I am picky.

This horn plays slightly focused considering other horns of this period.  It is not what I would call a big spread, slightly focused, VERY EDGY sound, VERY LOUD and sounds exactly as horns of this period usually do; heavy significant sound with a blasting edge quality. I would not say this is a dark horn although the sound is not light, it is bright on top of weighted if you can understand that. The feeling is buzzing in the hands and a kind of intimate right-on-top of you sound that usually only SBA’s have, but still sounds and feels like a VI. It is a unique horn.

It had one broad dent on the side of ot eh bow that is now perfectly round but shows some cosmetic evidence.  I did one resolder on the low F# trill guard that can barely be noticed. The neck is in perfect structural condition, never had any pull or bend.  The neck has a snug fit as well. The body is very straight. The setup is amazing and the sound and feeling are addictive.