Otto Link NY Tonemaster original J.A. (Joe Allard) facing SET

Here we have a beautiful original example of a rather rare custom facing original Otto Link Tonemaster, Joe Allard facing with cap and lig.  This facing is very clean, and undamaged nor altered.  Much gold plating is left, but as we can see this has been played in the past, just well taken care of.  Shows some normal cosmetic wear.

Tip measures at around 0.070 on my tools with a relatively thick tip if someone were to want to increase the size.  As it is with the suitable reed it plays and sounds truly beautifully.  I would say it has an excellent combination of fat, complex and detailed bright.

This is the later version or what some call “improved” Tonemaster, with I think I slightly smaller chamber and higher floor, they tend to be a bit more powerful and centered than the early models.  This is exactly the ‘Bluetrane’ model that we see on the album cover.