Otto Link FL no USA 9 Serialed Early model Marinated .110

Here we have a very early Florida Super ToneMaster.  Displaying a serial number, this was produced directly after the ‘Double Ring” series, and from my perspective it might as well be a double ring because the response is very close.  The only difference I can spot in a consistent general way would be that these play a little less buzzy and a little more substantial core than the double rings usually do but that really varies anyhow.

This piece was stamped 9 originally and needed some cleanup, it was also never a modern 9 tip size. I have restored and optimized this to .110 (Otto Link 8) and it is hard to describe exactly how amazing it is.  I don’t comfortably play this size but I am considering it just because this one is so great.  It has the classic early Link vibe that can only be found with these particular pieces.