Otto Link Double Ring Florida 10 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Rarity

Here is a wonderful Otto Link ‘double ring’ FL tenor piece at the facing size of 10 which was a special order from all indicators.  This piece came from the collection of a retired working pro from times past.  It has lived quite a bit and showed some legitimate wear to the facing, some dings and cosmetic blemishes, and the outer surface appeared to have been polished or buffed to some degree such that there was no plating left. It required a complete rebuild.

It has been resurfaced, refaced, balanced and trued with a re-contoured tip rail and all the other good stuff. The result is excellent at a .112 tip size on my tools. Normally FL double rings at larger tip markings are not as large as later models, so an original 9* can be just a .105.  So a FL 10 at .112 is a very respectable finish.


Marked 10 on one side and serial #Y100 on the other, the markings are slightly faded but all original.  This FL DR model can vary in baffle architecture but this one has a pretty generous one.  I’ve put a facing on it that I stole off of a friends wonderful FL 10 Link that played very easy.  The response is quite big, husky even, with quite a volume.  I am not usually comfortable on pieces this big so I was out of my element, but there is a lot of depth, yet with clarity and ease given the size. It feels like it has a lot of dark resonance but when I listened back it sounded edgy. Overall this is a big piece with the right qualities.

These sizes in double ring are near impossible to find so I thought it waas definitely worth saving.  Video coming soon.