Otto Link Custom Florida 10 Facing Magical Apex Player

Here is an otto Link Florida (no USA) Serial numbered early tenor saxophone mouthpiece that is just very unique and hard to find.  This particular piece came from the collection of an old pro player who did a bit of hack job on his pieces.  This one was not in playing condition when I received it and required a complete rebuild, including just everything possible.

This has the slightly odd serial number of (small font) A, 23. Although this small font “A” is definitely unusual, this is an original stamp.  The 10 facing would still likely have been a special order or special item at this time period.  This very early model of Florida originally had a really brazenly large baffle, for a Link, they tend to play very well.  I have rebuilt this to a final tip size of .117 and used a facing taken off a friend’s Link of a similar period that was .117 and played like a 6*.

In this case because of the similarity I believe I have very near produced a perfect clone.  This piece plays so unbelievably easy and effortless for the size.  It is also very bright for a Link and just a very satisfying vibe. It plays at one very full and big but also compact and controlled, which is just highly unusual and difficult to find in really any Link, but moreso this size.

Although it is hard to understand from this writing, most of my customers understand that what I write is quite accurate.  This piece really IS this unique and special; a highly unusual fully custom apex playing early FL Link 10, “marinated” it is appropriately signed, “Masterpiece Restoration”. $1800