King Super 20 375xxx Exc. Original Player with HT Overhaul

King Super 20, I think this is right around 1960.  I consider this personally to be the apex of King saxophone production.  While it may no longer be the full pearls period, not as glamorous, I think these horns are the most flexible, open and resonant players.  Some people prefer the single socket neck (tail end of Cleveland and early Eastlake) and they do have a bit more undiluted power, for the complexity of tone vs the resonance these late double socket necks after the full pearls period are my personal favorites.

This horn I did a big restoration on.  It is original finish and in very very good condition, though not perfect.  It has one inobtrusive resoldered post and some truly invisible minor brass work.  Some of the key cups are a bit marred. The horn is very straight. The neck has never been pulled down and it is fitted to perfection.  The action is very light and extremely fast. The pads are a moderately firm setup fitted with nickel plated brass resotech flats.  I set this horn up for myself and have played it to great enjoyment myself.  This is an absolute kicker of a horn, very loud, very complex and very free blowing, can’t lose.