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1951 Selmer SBA Baritone, 44xxx Low Bb US Engraved, ALL ORIGINAL, no dents, solders or damage, unbelievably beautiful rarity. (Super Collector’s item contact for price)


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Zimberoff Hollywood 8 Original to Restored tenor SOLD

Otto Link Long body blank EB 7 ‘Marinated’ custom facing and shortened for preservation of neck cork, killer vintage vibe Otto Link without the big price SOLD
Zimberoff Hollywood (brass) ‘Marinated’ to .100 tip.  Excellent 100% player. SOLD
Otto Link Double Ring Florida original mint condition 6 with box cap and ligature. SOLD
Zimberoff ‘House of Note’ Supersonic HR CV Special restored (Marinated) to 0.100 tip. (SOLD)
Julius Keiwerth hard rubber 4 on table old original (similar to Wagner blank)

Designed by A. Brilhart Ebolin Great Neck NY, 5 on table orig.
Otto Link Florida Double Ring 9* .105 tip orig super rare and beautiful sound (SOLD)
Otto Link NY Tonemaster 1940s-50s 4* on table, orig. great candidate for custom facing

Otto Link Slant Signature Tone Edge 1950s restored .100 tip, beautiful rich and warm tone.(SOLD)

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