Otto Link Slant Signature FL “W.T.” Tenor Mint Museum Piece

This is a once in a lifetime find, Otto Link Florida W.T. (Wolfe “Tayne” Tanenbaum) facing mint original condition tenor piece with original box. original milling marks visible on table and facing completely original and untouched without damage.  There is nothing really needed to say about this piece, everyone knows, the WT facings were designed for extra bright and power at a smaller facing, they are brighter.  It’s a super rare facing and a FL like this in mint condition, very few around.

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Dukoff Hollywood V-series Round Chamber 6* Specialty Tenor

This is a very very special piece, one which I ‘Marinated” and set up to perfection some decades back.  I used it as a main piece for gigging and recording on early MK VI and SBA which I was using at the time in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  I hand faced this to .095 to optimize its response and used it exclusively for a number of years.  This piece can be heard here, on 64xxx and 62xxx MK VI tenors for all except one or two tracks:


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Otto Link “Double Ring” FL Transitional Original 4* Tenor

Super rare Otto Link “double ring” original traditional.  This has the short FL biteplate yet it is table stamped 4* (true Florida models were side-stamped).  This piece is in very nice shape, I have not yet played it.  Comes with original cap and ligature, slightly worn but present.  The tip, side rail, and facing finish are all of the very early NY style, very thin and beautiful!

I have not cleaned this or done anything with it, just came out of the case of a 1961 Selmer tenor!

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Very Early Florida Otto Link Serialed 6* “Marinated” Restoration

This piece is a nuanced and complex beast.  This is the earliest (non-double ring) “super tonemaster” still showing the serial number.  These are both very rare and very very good playing models.  This one, stamped 6* came to me in slightly disrespected condition and I have restored it to an amazingly rich and colorful ringing classic player.

Links like this are usually not bright compared to a Berg Larsen or modern rock/pop mouthpiece but this has a rather significant baffle and has a lot of presence and brightness for a Link.  The old style chamber provides an extremely fat and complex sound character.  It is not a shy piece and is great fun to play.  The tip size is right around .098 on my tools with a clean and excellent facing and nice slightly flat baffle.  This is a collector’s piece for a real player.

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