Selmer MK VI 1962 Tenor Saxophone #101xxx Original World Class Megaphone

1962, a great year for the MK VI!  This one is an original finish European market MK VI with a serial number of 101xxx.  It has a high F# key and has just had a wonderful overhaul, all new pads with a slightly oversized set of original 1960’s Selmer screw-back plastic resonators all the tone hole leveling and key fitting and all the good stuff.  The result is probably THE LOUDEST and edgiest MK VI I have ever played.  It is without a doubt LOUDER than my own horn, from 1959, and a fair bit brighter too (which I like).

The SCALE of the sound is also just huge, it is wide and omnipresent vibration, expands throughout the room, which I think you can kind of hear in the videos.  I am still doing some final subtle regulation, and I’ve left the old neck cork because it works with my mouthpiece.  I expect the new owner will change that to fit their piece specifically.

(With a hard rubber Berg Larsen) 

(and with a hard rubber custom Babbitt Artist large chamber done by myself, which is now sold) 

This is one of the most aggressive and broad sounding MK VI’s I have ever had.  Several working pros have played this and immediately had to take a cold shower!

In terms of condition, it IS original Lacquer, of the light European color, and it has had a few very minor dents address and had a couple of very minor and nicely done resolders as well.  It is obviously not a perfect “Sleeping Beauty” but it is one heck of a player in very good structural and functional condition.

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Selmer MK VI Tenor Saxophone 87xxx 1960 Legendary Gem

This 1960 MK VI is a professional artist’s treasured tool. This has been my own main player for about a decade.  This horn is LOUD, edgy with a dark core and extremely precise.  The intonation is beautifully controlled.   The response is quick and the air column feels very broad.  It is a sound that is very easy to center, feels compact yet wider than most MK VI, which is characteristic of this model period.

It has a pad job by Ernie Sola with domed brass resonators. It has original lacquer, a lot of it, with some normal wear.  It has only ever had two repairs that I know which are, the thumbook was resoldered (very nicely by Sola) as it had a minor dent underneath, and there was a very tiny ping in the side of the neck that was smoothed out.  The neck has never been bent. Original case is not present.

This is the horn everyone wants.  I get many emails per month about it, and for good reason.  It is absolutely an apex Selmer MK VI.

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